Love your beautiful spirt and own your value


Nikolina Balenovic 

Soul coach & Intuitive soul reader 

Coauthor of International bestseller 

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Hello, my name is Nikolina


I help spiritual, self-aware empaths who feel bogged down by life to raise their frequency, clear their stuck energy and connect to their power so they can feel happier, lighter and more loving towards themselves, stand up for what they want, set healthy boundaries and feel confident and worthy.

I do this with my light-hearted, magical and playful energy so they can connect to their own joy and creative power.


Do you resonate with any of this?


  • You feel that you have a lack of self-confidence – your friends who love you tell you that you have to be more self-confident
  • You are open-minded and interested in spirituality
  • You have read a lot of books on self-help and spirituality; you know a lot, but you wonder why you are still not happy and joyful
  • You are a heart-centered entrepreneur – you love what you do, but you struggle with getting clients and with receiving money, and you wonder why
  • You doubt yourself
  • You criticize yourself
  • You feel that you are nothing special


Would you like this for yourself ?


  • To love yourself
  • To love your life
  • To own your value
  • To have clarity to know what you want and where you are going in your life and business
  • To be in alignment with your heart and soul
  • To live your purpose

Then you are at the right place!

Online ecourse - Intuition, angels and spiritual support


This is a beautiful online course about intuition, angels and spiritual guides. The course covers: how to recognize your intuition, how to trust your intuition, how to have communication and support from spiritual helpers + …


Would you like to have a fulfilled life to live your purpose and enjoy it?

I am looking forward in helping you get there! 

Soul reading

In our time together you will get the vibration healing, support, empowerment to be who you truly are, and the following valuable insights:


  • what are you strengths – your gifts
  • what is your soul purpose now
  • what are your soul lessons at the moment and what is the best way for you to overcome them now
  • if you have any physical pain in your body – you will get channeled insights on what the emotional cause of that pain is. This can be extremely liberating.

Soul coaching

This is the intensive soul coaching program 1:1 on self love – I call it LOVE YOUR LIFE – OWN YOUR VALUE.

I was somebody who didn’t love herself (I had self-criticism, blame, huge doubt in myself, worthiness issues (am I worthy? I am not good enough, my service is nothing special …) so of course I had problems in establishing my business (even though I knew and had done a lot in marketing)

In our time together we work on your acknowledgement, appreciation and love for who you are ♥. If you would love to own your value, to fall in love with yourself and to do your business with ease – this is for you.

A complete miracle can happen to you in just a few months!!!

Nikolina Balenovic is a powerful transformational Teacher. She has the ability to help you with your soul purpose and discover the blockages that are holding you back from living your Dream Life. Her joy, her deep insights and in-depth knowledge of the Soul will guide you to fully explore your Human Potential

Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Leader, International Bestselling author, Feng Shui Master and Star in the global phenomena The Secret


Niki is a talented and powerful intuitive counselor. She will see deeply and accurately into your life and can provide powerful guidance and insights.

She is gifted at giving her clients energy and support to change their lives in the most profound ways.

All my love 🙂

Sabrina Tully,
soul coach, speaker & Hay house author

Nikolina has the gift to connect people with their soul essence and True purpose in life. I experienced an amazing uplift in energy during my session with her. Because of this uplift I could see my own old patterns and transform them into a higher level of consciousness and a brighter way of living 😘✨

Sandra Deakin, Radio Presenter and Host of Brightspotsradio Podcast

Meet Nikolina

Hi!! I am international bestselling author, spiritual teacher, soul coach and mentor, healer, psychic and feng shui adviser. Ten years ago I was unhappy, insecure, I was feeling worthless and powerless and I had no self-love at all and now my life is completely different. I have been learning a lot, “digging” and transforming very deeply within myself and step by step, very persistently I have been walking toward my authentic self.   After a long journey, going step by step and working very hard for every soul lesson, at one point I got rewarded and found myself with almost no fear, no heaviness, no worry, no struggle – just peacefulness, pure joy and gratitude. At that point people recognized me and started asking me for help – how they can be on the other side of the tunnel as well. Because they felt that I could really understand them, since I had felt the same as they did. I really love helping people getting to the other side – the real side – happy, peaceful, and authentic you, who loves yourself. I am really looking forward to meeting you and helping you to get home.

Amazing free e-book

Just this e-book “Happy life ideas” can really change your life.
It is everything you need in order for your happy life creation, at one place.
Believe me; for sure you won’t regret taking this e-book.
+ Receive email goodies!