Online course “Intuition, angles and spiritual support


Today more than ever we need to use our intuition, be in peace within ourselves and have available support.

This course will help you with this, because it will teach you HOW to achieve that.




What is covered in the course?


We will cover the following topics through the 6 modules

  • Intuition: What is intuition? How to recognize intuition? How to use intuition? How to live intuitively?
  • Who can be found in the spiritual world?
  • How to really have communication with angels and spiritual guides?
  • How to understand spiritual helpers?
  • How to interpret messaged they send us?
  • How to have direct communication with spiritual helpers?
  • Things to be very careful with!


Online course “Intuition, angles and spiritual support”



This course is for you if:

  • You are attracted to this topic and this course
  • You want to deepen your intuition
  • You want to understand messages your spiritual helpers are sending you
  • You want to make better decisions
  • You sometimes suffer from anxiety, fear and worry, and you don’t know what is good for you to do in these situations
  • You want to have stronger inner peace


If you really apply the knowledge from this course, you will:

  • Discover how to know your inner truth, what you need to do for your highest good and for the highest good of everyone around you
  • Know what your spiritual helpers are whispering to you
  • Become aware you are not alone
  • Learn how to “communicate” with angels and spiritual guides
  • Feel more at peace
  • Make decisions which are best for you and people around you
  • Have clarity on what is good for you, and what is not good for you


Special bonuses


         Bonus 1

Video – How to hear your intuition, angels and spiritual guides when you are stressed, anxious, hectic and fearful. Those are the times when we need our intuition most; learn how to hear it when you are in one of these states.

         Bonus 2

Video – How to receive an answer to your yes/no question, and something else…very powerful, because once you master this tool, you will always have the perfect decision, exactly for you!



Why now is the perfect time to learn and implement knowledge from this wonderful course?


Now more than ever it is necessary to use our intuition and help of our guides, The outside world can seem overwhelming without soul guidance, and induce anxiety, fear, insecurity, uncertainty and loneliness. However, when we have a strong and clear connection to our guidance and support of angels and spiritual guides, all of that disappears and step by step we enter into our self-confidence, our soul guidance and take intuitive steps one by one. Slowly, step by step we get into the feeling of being protected, safe and having clarity on how to proceed.




The course includes two meditations, as well as instructions on how to meditate

  1. Relaxing meditation
  2. Meditation to connect with your spiritual helpers
  3. PDF instructions – How to meditate



Online course “Intuition, angles and spiritual support”


Experiences with the course ….

This course came at the right time for me. It is very well prepared and you can see that so much knowledge and love was invested into it. I like the way it is organized, so I can do at my own pace, and I will definitely come back to it in the months to follow.

I heard many new things, but the best thing for me were so many of those aha-moments, when I received a confirmation that “I wasn’t crazy” and everything I felt intuitively during last 30 or so years really does exist.

When you watch and listen to Nikolina you can feel joy and love. Thank you, dear Nikolina for this beautiful course.

This is something I will remember as a beginning of a different life, much happier and most of all more peaceful, because I know that I am not alone.
I would recommend the course to everyone who is open to intuition and spiritual world, because they will receive so much information in a wonderful and simple way.

Like for each new piece of information I heard, I need some time to fully “digest” it; this is why I am so happy that I can come back to the course as many times I want in the following months (for almost a year, as Nikolina said 😊).



Dear Nikolina,

Thank you for your course Intuition, Angels and Spiritual Guides.

The information you provided brought me a new perspective of things I thought to be accidental and I just passed them.

Now I know that’s not true, and all of those things make sense.

I would recommend the course to everyone who is ready to look within and get empowered! ♥♥



Dear Nikolina,

This is one of the highest quality courses with spiritual contents I have taken, and I have taken quite a few in recent years. It is so simple, coming from the heart; your every word finds its right place in my heart and soul.

Thank you. Ksenija



Hello dear Nikolina!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this beautiful course four us souls who seek for new knowledge and work on themselves. Thank you for reminding me of all wonderful being who stand at my disposal every day for help and support, and help me grow my light stronger.

This course has really made me stronger and I learnt to be more persistent, but also have fun on the way.

It is wonderful to listen to my intuition, a beautiful gift which always leads us in the right direction.

This course came to me exactly at these wonderful times, which are also quite challenging, and really gave lots of strength and joy, but mostly peace and realization that I am on the right path.

I would recommend it to everyone, because it is really special, magical!

And their soul will surely recognize that it wants it!

Mine was very happy!

Thank you Nikolina ever so much! 😇❤❤❤😇🌹💮




The course includes the following formats:

Video contents

Each module contains a video. Each video is 15-30 minutes. Bonuses are also in video form.


Audio files have the same contents as video, which gives you the choice to either watch or listen, whichever is more convenient for you.


Beautifully illustrated pdfs with texts about the spiritual world.

Exercises for you

PDF files you can print or fill in directly on your computer / cell phone, so you can save them.


Nikolina Balenović

Nikolina Balenović, intuitive and feng shui counselor, co-author of an international bestseller “Transformational lessons” together with Marie Diamond (star of the movie “The secret”) and 36 other great authors. Her biggest passion is helping people with their personal transformation and self-love, empower others to become authentic, best version of themselves. She brings channeled messages and very quickly sees the blocks standing in the way of realizing a person’s full potential, then gives a solution how to deal with those blocks. She has a special talent which enables her to see the truth, give energy and support to her clients, so they can change their lives in a very deep and powerful way. She has worked with clients from more than 15 countries around the world. Life coach, certified feng shui counselor, certified energy healer, certified Theta Healer®, member of Association of Transformational Leaders Europe, founded by Marie Diamond. She has been doing yoga for over 13 years, has taken many classes on intuition, channeling and spirituality with Sonia Choquette; has spent over 15 years working on herself. Nikolina is also a Bachelor of Economics and Director of company Sretan život d.o.o.


Benefits of this course

Applying the knowledge from this wonderful course will give you the following benefits:

  • Knowledge on how to live really authentically from your heart
  • Peace in your body
  • Clarity: knowledge on what you need to do next
  • Better manifesting – realization of your wishes 😉
  • Success at work – once you have the knowledge on how to communicate with higher instances, you will have top advisers at your disposal 😊



What famous and successful people say about intuition 😊

Albert Einstein

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


Oprah Winfrey

“I’ve trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life. And the only time I’ve made mistakes is when I didn’t listen.”


Steve Jobs

“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.”



Online course “Intuition, angles and spiritual support”


Why learn from me…

Intuition has been leading me my entire life – it is so strong that my whole business today is connected to intuition. In my job I do intuitive readings, where I convey messages from spiritual world to beautiful souls – messages about their gifts, potentials, what soul lessons they have in front of them, what blocks bother them, how to overcome those blocks… I feel, hear and see all of that intuitively and almost all of my clients (most of whom I have never seen before) tell me after a session with me: “You confirmed everything I have felt deeply within myself!” They will often add: “But I just couldn’t admit that to myself”, or: “I could not accept that because it’s too big!”, or: “I doubted that was true because my environment thinks differently!” For many years I have done intuitive counselling, where I show my clients with ease what is brilliant inside them, what are their gifts that need to come out in full splendor, that they should share themselves with the world, and of course, love themselves. I also let them know what they need to work on, blocks that stand in their way, and then we deal with that “together”. Because of my intuitive life and listening to my intuition I became a co-author of an international bestseller, together with Marie Diamond, star of the book and movie “The Secret”. Angels and spiritual helpers have been with me my whole life, as long as I can remember. I received additional confirmation about that after taking numerous seminars with Sonia Choquette, who taught me so much about the spiritual world. In this course I made a synthesis of my extensive experience in this area, and knowledge I’ve been collecting for many years.




111,00 $


Frequently asked questions


What days of the week does the course take place? Do I need to attend live?

All materials are stored on the platform, and you access them by logging in to the platform. This means there is no specific day or time when you take the course – you have the freedom to take it at the time pace that’s most convenient for you, which I think is great in these times!


Is this for me if I have no previous knowledge on this topic?

Absolutely YES! The course is created to cover everything in detail and it takes you step by step. You will definitely enjoy it. No previous knowledge is necessary 😉

Is this for me if I already have lots of knowledge on this topic?

If this topic is calling you, this course has intuitively appealed to you and you still feel the invitation inside – then the answer is a 100% YES. Our intuition always knows what we need, and for you this can mean the course has important parts for you, that you need to apply in your life. You will definitely enjoy and deepen your existing knowledge 😊

Can I get a refund if I decide that I don’t like the course?

This is not possible. The price is much lower that for similar education from teachers I learned from.





What say wonderful souls who have worked with me. Klick on the arrows below to see more testimonials.


Dear Nikolina,

While working with you in the last months, my life has gained a new meaning; after many years colored in gray, my life now has all colors of the rainbow. I feel fantastic, I live fantastically, I trust myself more, I know I can do everything I want because there is nothing I cannot learn and do. While I used to believe in my bad luck and didn’t trust myself, now with your phenomenal tools you have given me for life, I am becoming the best version of myself. I know that Universe loves me, I have support of angels and I love myself more than before. Coaching with Nikolina has been my best investment, because she gives herself selflessly, loves people, she is nice and cheerful, approachable, simply the best. To have you beside me and learn from you has been priceless for me.



My dear Nikolina,

You beautiful, heavenly woman, thank you for every minute in my life! Thank you for each advice and word, which are priceless. You have opened my heart and soul so much and started an avalanche of emotions and wonderful energy, my power and all wonderful things that I cannot even begin to describe it.

Yes, my dear, you taught me to send all those things to myself as well, because I used to give that only to others, and you taught me to give it to myself.

Thank you for each word of praise and support, for each compliment – you made me love them. Thank you for being my teacher in this magical life. I love you so much and I am happy to know you.

You have a beautiful spot in the library of my life forever!

Ivana Posavec


Dear Nikolina,

Last three months with you have been the best time of my life, the best investment in myself. Although you don’t know me, you actually know me very well and you have shown me all of those things I know somewhere deeply inside me, but I cannot or do not want to admit them. Exercises we did and all our talks have motivated me to become a better version of myself, to let go of all negativity in my life, to stress less, to forgive, not to be impulsive and become more peaceful, not to mind others but be proud of myself and the way I work, to be organized and versatile. The best of all is that you believe in me, that I am strong and can do anything. You know that our “goodbye” was hard for me and that I want to spend time with you in the future. Thank you so much for everything, my best teacher!





Dear Nikolina,

When I first contacted you, I wrote: “I would like to be in peace with myself and others, not be bothered by others’ opinions, behaviors and sad words; I would like a happy me, fulfilled life, health. I would like to put my wishes before everyone else. I would like a happy life in the years to come.”Three months working with you have helped me accept and love myself, recognize my worth, inner strength and what I need to stop doing in order to live a happy life.

With your knowledge and experience you helped me see my inner child, respect and nurture myself. In a simple way you taught me how to better and deeper recognize and understand myself, my thoughts, feelings, behavior, and that everything I had done was exactly as it should be. You also taught me to keep doing all that I learned from you. With you I recognized that I don’t want to keep living my old life, that I want joy, enjoy, feel, that I am good enough exactly as I am, to be in love with life, that I can do anything. You taught me how to give myself gentleness, how to be authentic without fear, feel peace and pleasure in my soul. Thank you for your guidance and advice. Thank Universe and angels for having brought me to you and helped me chose you for my teacher and mentor. Thank you for everything, until we meet again.







Are you ready to make changes in your life, live intuitively and with support from the Universe?

Then say YES today and start immediately using the knowledge this course offers you!