Love your self - own your value

Spiritual soul coaching program

This is for you if you have at least one of the following:

  • You’ve tried so many things to make your business work, but it is not happening and you are getting tired
  • You criticize yourself a lot
  • You are having problems setting boundaries – saying NO to people (friends, clients, family) is a problem for you
  • You have self-blame
  • You feel that you are nothing special
  • You have a self-worth issue
  • You feel “something is wrong with me” or
  • You feel “I have so many issues”


Ask yourself how much does not owning your self-worth cost you?

Nikolina Balenovic is a powerful transformational Teacher. She has the ability to help you with your soul purpose and discover the blockages that are holding you back from living your Dream Life. Her joy, her deep insights and in-depth knowledge of the Soul will guide you to fully explore your Human Potential

Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Leader, International Bestselling author, Feng Shui Master and Star in the global phenomena The Secret


Do you want these things in life for yourself?

  • To have self-confidence from within
  • Being able to say your truth without feeling guilt or fear
  • To feel like a queen in your own skin
  • Being able to say NO or YES for something you don’t want or you do want with ease
  • To have peace within yourself
  • To know who you are and to love it completely
  • To simply own your value

Niki is a talented and powerful intuitive counselor. She will see deeply and accurately into your life and can provide powerful guidance and insights. She is gifted at giving her clients energy and support to change their lives in the most profound ways.

All my love 🙂

Sabrina Tully, soul coach, speaker & Hay house author; Sonia Choquette daughter

Why can I help you?

I have gone through the same thing. I felt misunderstood, unaccepted, lost, and sad, with absolutely no-self confidence… I constantly thought that if I behaved like somebody else, I would be happy, but that never happened. I don’t even have to say that my life was a constant mess – in friendships, in all my relationships, not even to mention workJ.

I was guided intuitively to start my own business in healing, soul readings, feng shui and mentoring – and bang – myself-worth hit the rock bottom at that time. I constantly felt inadequate – like something was strongly wrong with me, since I just couldn’t earn money. I tried everything – marketing, free presentations, affordable consultations; I was hugely over-giving and almost nothing was moving. Very, very, very slowly, step by step I was making progress.

I was lost and frustrated at the same time. I bought one program after the other for heart-centered entrepreneurs, but almost nothing happened. They were all great programs, but my self-worth was the main key. Then I said: “Ok it’s enough. I know what I have to do – I need to love myself and that‘s it. I need to own my value.”

Everybody was saying to me – you need to love yourself. But I didn’t know HOW? And it frustrated me immensely. So, I started doing it on my own + integrating all the spiritual knowledge that I had, that I learned on my way + I was using my intuition and synchronicities to lead me one step at a time. Now, I am in a completely different arena. It has taken me a while. Now I help other women to do the same – to love themselves, to own their value in a much shorter time then I needed (because I have done this thing the hard way on my own).

So, when someone has gone through the same things you are going through, I think they can better understand you and can be of better help to you.

Also, personally I don’t know anybody who is successful and who has done everything on their own.

I have gone through 15 years of education and inner work on personal development and spirituality (Reiki, Pellowah initiations, ThetaHealing® education, feng shui academy – 5 years – just that, life coach academy, inner child work therapy on myself, mentoring with Sabrina Tully – intuitive counselor (Sonia Choquette’s daughter,) inner child work on myself for 3 years, transformation of karmic patterns…)

So, today in my work with clients, I combine all that I have learned + my experience + my intuition to see what it is that you specifically need right now in order to be closer to and finally to be able to live your true purpose. In our time together I use a mixture of channeled messages, meditation, coaching approach, transformation of karmic patterns, I give you advice, energy sessions and we go through the inner child work – all that in order for you to own your value, to love yourself and your life – to enjoy life to the fullest.


I have a specific psychic gift which enables me to see the core of the problem, the beliefs that are holding you back and where they originated. This significantly shortens the process of working on self-worth, because when we discover the main root of the problem it is easier to go forward and to make a change.


Another gift of mine is that I am able to shift the vibration in people. WHAT that means, is that after some period of time working with me, my clients feel better with themselves and with who they are – because I spontaneously bring their talents, potentials and capabilities to the surface and then my clients own their value even more within themselves and consequently they love themselves more and they love who they are more.

This is for you if:

You are a deep person and it is not a problem for you to go deep into yourself. You are not afraid if something which is not that pretty in you comes up to the surface – in my work I go very deep with a person and what I need from you as a client is that you want to go deep within and that you want a deep transformation.


So, this is for you if:


  • You’ve had enough of self-sabotage
  • You don’t have a problem talking about your feelings
  • You like to have a gentle approach from your mentor / coach
  • You are ready for a continuous work of few months
  • You are a responsible person
  • It is not hard and unfamiliar to you to invest in yourself


If you have had a physical pain for a long time, I will see what the energetic cause of that is. For some people just this information has brought immediate release and the pain has gone away.

What you do for me with your priceless talents is a transformational change and it is good that your company name is Happy Life (Sretan zivot – in Croatian) because that is the pure meaning of your work and of who you are.

Making people happy and finding that which is most beautiful and best in us and which is sometimes so deeply hidden that without your help it cannot be found.

You make my life more beautiful; you are opening my eyes and cleaning my soul.

Thank you, my guiding star!

I love you!


Nikolina’s soul reading / channelling and coaching was a deep, enriching and meaningful experience. I feel very grateful to have worked with her.

It was so helpful and powerful to have soul-knowings confirmed (that used to be ‘hmmm maybe this could be true about me and my life’). I felt I was living my purpose for the last 8 months and she confirmed it! Few months before we started working together I had an “aha moment” where I just knew – this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Her confirmation gave me a wonderful wind under my wings to claim it bravely.

Accountability to be true to myself was something that really propelled me to get things done that I wanted to get done… but which felt a bit unclear or scary (required me to be more open and vulnerable).

I love that besides spiritual coaching she gave me do-able action steps, practical coaching and beautiful messages that felt just right for my individual journey.

After working with her I feel I have a deeper connection with myself (have tools to go inside and connect with my intuition and true authenticity) and I also upped my game in my career and relationships.

Nikolina has such a joyous energy! She uplifts me from the first moment of our meeting – just with her presence, smile and her gifts.


Ever since I can remember I have been interested in spiritual growth and awareness expansion, so I have always searched the Internet for what I needed. That is how I came to Nikolina and her website and immediately I got interested. Even though there is a lot of stuff on the Internet, and I am a very skeptical person, my intuition was telling me that I needed to meet Nikolina.

Right from the first conversation, she knows what you need.

I did the daily exercises she gave me with ease, I was enjoying it and in just a few days I felt such a strong self-confidence which I haven’t felt in a long time, a certainty in my own values and my gifts. Before that it was hard for me to talk nicely about myself in front of other people and when people gave me compliments I would defend myself and I wouldn’t accept it. Now it is a different story.

We have discovered what my purpose and my soul calling is, what it is that excites me most and what fulfils me and she encouraged me to carry on to grow in that direction!

Along with all the benefits and goodness which sessions with Nikolina brought, the thing that was the most precious to me was the message that came channeled from my mom. And in those days with Nikolina, I was also able to get in contact with my spirit guides.

We are blessed with Nikolina.


Thank you for your help, support and tasks in the last few months.

Our time together has brought me a lot of things, but mainly brought me closer to the most important person in the world- myself.

Now I feel very good about myself and I enjoy the time with myself. Just Marina and me. Now I see that we’ve become best friends.

Thank you for everything.


At the time when I was at a big life crossroad – privately and personally, my friend recommended Niki and her soul reading. After my soul reading with Niki, I knew that she was the person with whom I wanted to work more on myself J

In our three months together I was going through an inner process that was not always easy. I had huge trust in her teachings and advice, so consequently my emotions and my behaviors (with myself and with others) started to change very fast. With everyday tools that Niki gave me, my joy, my self-confidence, certainty in myself and gratitude for life begun to grow. Simultaneously I was releasing fear, disease, my inner critic, and in general, I was reducing thoughts that I was not GOOD ENOUGH (as a mom, partner; smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough…)

Dear Niki, thank you for all of that and thank you for supporting me so that I finally started using my intuition and acknowledging and receiving help from the Universe.


Traveling with Nikolina is the feeling you do not ever leave your room … while at the same time diving deep into the magic of your soul, but also the dark, forgotten corners that you would rather not go into. But the situation is like this …. whether you want it or you don’t want it, as soon as you are in partnership with Nikolina there is no going back.

Pure love, beautiful appearance, and all the time filled with a enthusiastic, contagious laughter that rings and fills the entire space around you.

Traveling with her means that while I was preparing four our next session, I was thinking something like this:  „Why should I even think about what I will say to her since she will tell me how I felt and what I did before that“

Nikolina is a magical story which tells the truth of what you have always been aware of, that you have it, but you have never dared to talk about it because of fear that other people will say that you are crazy.

Nikolina will tell you things about yourself in such an easy way, that you will wonder how you were so blind that you have never seen that before.

Nikolina will be the other part of the prayer: “God, please don’t give me what I want, but what I need.“ With Nikolina you will get both … the things that you want… but also the things that she knows that you need and very quietly she will give you that what you need; you won‘t even recognize it. She will smile afterwards when you in amazement tell her what changes have happened to you.

She gives you some bonuses which you almost underestimate…and you say to yourself „ok, it is there in the package, so I will use it and try it“. And then after a day or two, you wonder „what did you do to me?…I feel there is some magic around“.

I feel changed, different, new, joyful, strong …

When our journey was done I discovered that in some corner of my soul she left a little Nikolina, a little angel – she reminds you at the right time of something that you just forgot, she pulls your hand to hurry up, she pushes you when you stop …she just simply takes care of you and she loves you just the way you are.


The time with Nikolina was something like a closer and more intense encounter with myself, my essence and with my inborn power with every session and with every treatment. Where I thought I lacked the energy, the skill, the freedom, Nikolina helped me to see that all that was there and that it just had to be released and that I needed to be myself. Also, thanks to our work, I have looked at many parts of myself that I had previously judged. She helped me to realize that it is not only enough, but also wonderful and very powerful to be just what we are, true to ourselves.

Nikolina’s energy, joy, spontaneity, naturalness, intuition, and deep insights are a huge gift to anyone who meets her. I warmly recommend working with her as something unique that you can give to yourself.

Thank you, thank you and thank you once again.


Dear Nikolina,

Thank you for everything. It was beautiful having sessions with you. I am comparing before working with you and after working with you, and there are huge differences.

I have discoveries in all areas; I perceived a lot about myself, my virtues, beautiful parts of myself… Unfortunately, it is easy to blame yourself and to disparage yourself, because that was a pattern which I picked from other people who were unhappy within themselves and didn’t know any better in their life. Now I am aware of my strength, my potentials and I know that I can stand up for myself, which is great… I can ask for more; I can prosper more. I have discovered a lot about myself and thank you for everything. Now for the first time, I took a stand and I don’t want to continue the humiliation because of somebody else’s selfishness, and I speak my truth.

Thank you, dear Nikolina for everything, you are a really special person, you were really making an effort, and you enjoy the progress of the person.

I felt all your enthusiasm and joy when you noticed my progress.

Thank you for all.


If you are interested in working together with me, first stop is to have an soul reading with me. When we have a  soul reading, please mention me that you would like to have a soul mentoring with me as well.


If you already had a soul reading session with me, contact me on email at 


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