Nikolina Balenovic Knez


International bestselling author 

Spiritual teacher

Intuitive soul couch

Intuitive reader 

Feng shui consultant

This is my story

My name is Nikolina and I am a spiritual teacher, intuitive transformational mentor, healer, psychic, life coach and feng shui consultant. I am from Croatia, Europe.

I graduated in economics – but that was just a part of my story.

I have a strong urge for learning about spirituality and depth of life itself. So, I have gone through variety of education – I acquired the Feng Shui knowledge at the five-year course at Feng shui academy (a total of 720 Hours – 5 years) and I attended the Life Coach Academy to get my training as a life coach.

After that, my need for learning more in spirituality and inner self-work led me to much more education… in-person workshops of Sonia Choquette (author and spiritual teacher) on intuition, communication with spirit guides and angels, relationships, intuitive reading, Akasha reading and similar topics. Later on I had personal mentoring sessions with her daughter Sabrina Tully. There were also the Reiki initiation, transformation of karmic patterns, Snowlion therapy on inner child work – early childhood trauma, Pellowah healing initiation, education on natural parenting, ThetaHealing® education and various other courses and workshops.

I will never stop learning more.

I practice yoga regularly. Every day I try to live and work in accordance with my true self, with my inner joy, my intuition, with nature and its changes and with Feng Shui principles

I am a member of ATL Europe (Association of Transformational Leaders Europe), on which I am very grateful. We (ATL members) together with Marie Diamond (a star from the movie and the book “The secret”) created an amazing book “Transformation lessons”
This incredible book is International bestseller. 

I have shared the stage with Marie Diamond, a star from the movie „The secret“. 

I am honored that my knowledge, my insights and my experience is of help to others.


I have always been smiling, I loved being with people, I have always been sociable and I’ve always loved to have fun, but before I was not a happy person on the inside. So, my happiness was determined by the outside circumstances and it took me MANY years to change that, to find happiness from within and to love myself and my life. I have learned over many years how to create my own happy life from within and today I love being able to help others do the same, to encourage them to create their authentic happy life in a much shorter period then it has taken me, so that they don’t need years of struggle like I did.


To have a happy life is a process and an everyday decision that you make.


I look forward to transforming your life into a happy and fulfilled life


With love,


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