Soul reading

Soul reading for a dear beautiful spirit ♥

Give me 1 hour and I will take you from the sore feeling of “I don’t know why I feel the way I feel, why xyz is happening to me” to clarity, refreshed relief and peace because you will know where you need to go and how 🙂

This page is dedicated to a beautiful spirit who wants to live her wonderful life


YES – to you 🙂


Are you ready for a new adventure? Are you ready for the new discoveries (well-known deeply within yourself and deeply true)?… Are you ready for the way out of the labyrinth of thoughts and the impossibility of seeing the “ideal” solutions or solutions at all? Do you simply feel invited here? This is not by chance; it is guided by your spiritual guides and your higher self.

This is intuitive insight in which you will get information on what you need right now, where you have been stuck and which is the way out for you right now. It is a combination of channeled information + energy support to raise your frequency and to get connected to your true purpose.

In our time together you will get the following insights:

  • Who you are on the soul level
  • What your gifts and talents are
  • What your soul purpose is
  • What is blocking you to live your soul purpose – what are your soul lessons right now
  • How to overcome your lessons

Special incredible bonus: medical intuitive reading

For your physical symptoms – body aches
– I will intuitively tune into it to see why that is happening. Once you put your awareness on the root cause of why you feel the way you feel, it can be released very fast.

Nikolina Balenovic is a powerful transformational Teacher. She has the ability to help you with your soul purpose and discover the blockages that are holding you back from living your Dream Life. Her joy, her deep insights and in-depth knowledge of the Soul will guide you to fully explore your Human Potential

Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Leader, International Bestselling author, Feng Shui Master and Star in the global phenomena The Secret


“Niki is a talented and powerful intuitive counselor. She will see deeply and accurately into your life and she can provide powerful guidance and insights. She is gifted at giving her clients energy and support to change their lives in the most profound ways.”

Sabrina Tully, soul coach, speaker & Hay house author; Sonia Choquette daughter

Soul reading is for you if:


  • You want a clearer view of yourself, your purpose and your potential
  • You have a problem and you cannot find a solution
  • You feel blocked
  • You cannot distinguish intuition from your mind – regarding something which has been bothering you for a while
  • You don’t not know what to do, which way to go
  • You are wondering “who am I really?”
  • You feel invited; something is attracting you to this website and to soul reading. Then that it is a call from the higher source.

What can you get from this experience?


You will get something quite new, and so good, warm, authentic, intuitive, yours, deeply honest, healing and opening. You can feel the high vibration healing through the illumination of truth; you can feel the vibration of the wonderful light beings, you’ll get suggestions for challenges that you are facing right now and you will get a huge support!! Yeeeey – isn’t that great !!


You can get:

  • clarity on your current life situations
  • bigger perspective on your life – on yourself
  • unseen problems – become seen and then it is easier to solve them
  • a better look at who you are on a soul level,
  • you feel happier, because you will feel your essence and your highest truth – that you are a beautiful spirit,
  • you feel your strength,
  • you gain deeper insights into your potential, your talents, your abilities and your gifts,
  • you realize which blocks, beliefs or patterns are stopping you from being a beautiful happy spirit and you have a solution for those blocks
  • you feel lighter and have more awareness – once you know what is blocking you and how to overcome that
  • you feel peaceful, fulfilled and magical

Once you feel your greatest potential, you will naturally strive to fulfill it. And when you’re in line with your authentic nature, things seem too facile; new and wonderful people will enter your life and all will somehow become clearer.


I’m a “soul reader” – which means in the intuitive counseling with you I will see your soul, your soul potential and the authentic you. Basically, I do not go into the future because I believe that the future depends on your choices which you make every day.


It is important to say that the soul reading and intuitive counseling is for you if you are a responsible person who wants to take responsibility for your life and you are person who doesn’t blame others for circumstances in your life. It is for you if you are honest with yourself and always ready to hear and see the truth.


Every person at the soul level is beautiful and gorgeous and if everyone lived their authenticity, fully using their gifts, and if they heard and followed leadership of their Higher Self the world would be a completely different place. Since we cannot change the world, we can change ourselves, and consequently we can change the world.

I had the honor of doing over 300 soul readings with truly beautiful spirits from more than 20 countries all over the world (America, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Canada, Denmark, England, Israel, Hungary, Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, Germany, Slovenia, Singapore, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, …), for which I am extremely grateful.

What others have experienced in a soul reading with me and what it meant to them:

I was in a situation where I no longer saw the point of who I am, what I do, what I want to be. I was unhappy, empty and tired of everything; I had even begun to feel physical pain. The physical pain was not so unbearable, as it was frustrating and daily (there were days that it did not hurt me), but it was getting stronger and stronger every day.

Finally I decided to come to Nikolina. Although I did not know at all what to expect and what a soul reading was exactly, I was excited. I absorbed every word she said to me and I finally felt – THIS IS IT, THIS is ME, this is my TRUTH (which is sometimes hard to hear – the truth, and even hard to admit to yourself). Faced with the truth and accepting it, I threw myself at ‘work’ with clearly defined guidelines. Yes, exactly I received instructions / advice / guidelines of what I needed to do to start feeling better. So I started… Every day I felt stronger, happier, more beautiful, all bad feelings had gone away, and even that physical pain.


Yes, it’s amazing, when I put myself together, the pain that I’d had for two years was gone. And not to mention how this pain was logical with my life at that state of mind (which I discovered when Niki pointed at it).


THANK YOU NIKI… for your help, support, encouragement, gentleness, for the words which always have special meaning when you say them, for EVERYTHING… because you are a medicine for heart and soul.

Kisses, Lidija

Nikolina has the gift to connect people with their soul essence and True purpose in life. I experienced an amazing uplift in energy during my session with her. Because of this uplift I could see my own old patterns and transform them into a higher level of consciousness and a brighter way of living 😘✨

Sandra Deakin, Radio Presenter and Host of BRIGHTSPOTSRADIO Podcast

I got the impulse to do the soul reading after her workshop Energy space clearing.

Just the description of soul reading got me very interested, and I was especially drawn to the personal / intimate aspect which is given. However, I received far more than I could even have imagined.

I got a direct access to my essence, to my true self free of all (self-imposed) doubts, fears and insecurities. I got confirmation that I had in me the qualities and potentials that I’d always wanted to have, but which I had pushed aside and forgotten (and partly because of other people). Now I know where to go next, and now I better understand and know what is good for me…

Your gift to read other people’s souls is truly a blessing, both for you and for those who can open to you… The reading experience was wonderful and it heals, so I would be happy to repeat this experience.

I sincerely believe that my soul reading with you came just at the right time, at the time when I needed it the most to make me aware and get me back to myself, to strengthen me and to renew my shaken faith in myself. Thank you, once again, thank you so much!


I got the soul reading as a gift from a friend. The gift came at a time when I was having an internal struggle, my body was sending signals pointing to the situations associated with my work. On the one hand, I felt and knew that my intuition was correct, but the time and energy spent on correcting and proving it, made me tired. I took Nikolina’s advice to sit in a peaceful place and then she told me the messages. Indeed, the messages were unique.

She totally “had” me when she told me an idea of mine that I had not revealed to anyone. The messages were actually the confirmation of all that my intuition was saying. Therefore, if you have hesitations or you are at a crossroads in a decision-making position, if your intuition says one thing and the whole society and environment say something else, if you need a little incentive / confirmation, if you need to free yourself from your blocks and get rid of them, then I certainly recommend this.

Elizabeta Planinic

I was surprised by the accuracy and depth of information given to me by Nikolina, transferred to me without knowing anything previously.

After a few weeks I used it again and gained additional insights that really helped me to make the right decisions.

Thanks Nikolina, you are one of those people with whom I do not feel like a customer but like a person.

Kristina Ercegović,  entrepreneurs, author, business life coach, teacher 

It was an extraordinary experience. Not only did you accurately describe my personality, but you also said things about me that I wasn’t even aware of. It was crucial that someone reminded me of who I am, so that I could start appreciating myself more.

Some of that information helped me professionally to get back on the right path. Considering the relationship with my partner, I’ve always felt that there was some kind of invisible problem which prevented it to be perfect. You helped me to pinpoint it so I was able to solve it. There are problems in life which you can easily deal with on a conscious level.

The worst problems are those that you cannot properly define. You make invisible obstacles get visible, and then it’s easy to remove them from your life. Thank you for helping me clean up the mess in my life, now I finally have the feeling that everything fits into the right place.


I was more than surprised by Nikolina’s first words, because although we had never seen each other before, she was talking about feelings and events that were current in my life. I have experienced the soul reading very intimately because it was related to things that I do not share with just anybody. Being able to get such support, conversation and help with orientation in decision-making is very worthwhile, especially because it was coming from a person which I didn’t know and who did not have preconceived opinion about me.

For me, the soul reading was an incredibly interesting experience, great support and encouragement of my life, and in that sense I recommend it to everyone.

Thank you Nikolina 🙂


I met Nikolina “by chance” after I had found her flyer at a spiritual center where we met later at a workshop. Her contagious laughter and joy confirmed my first feeling that I wanted her to do my soul reading. I was very curious about what I would hear, because I found myself in one of those moments of my life where I needed guidance, confirmation, something… something to show me where I am now and whether I’m going in the right direction.

The reading with Nikolina was beautiful and she is cheerful, unbiased and gives a lot, a lot of support. Nikolina says what she sees, but gently offers a “recipe” how to help yourself in a particular situation. After her reading my soul received confirmation that she had always known who she was… and because of that Nikolina a big, big thank you


It was a wonderful experience for me and something completely new. Then the moment of truth followed. Nikolina began to transfer the messages. The conversation was pleasant; each message made sense and was matching like a mosaic. She was very kind and patient and I am very grateful for everything.

I would advise everybody to do a reading, all life situations are within us and a reading will help you realize the solution. Accept the solution as it is because you will know for certain that this is what it is. In addition, there is the energy vibration that passes through your body during the reading that renews your strength and prepares you for your next step in changing the course of your life to the one which you need to take. Nike thank you, kisses


Niki, thank you for the magical interpretation of the most beautiful part of myself, my soul, that part that I too often forget, especially in some difficult situations in my life… It’s like there is some shadow preventing me to see my soul… With your insight you have illuminated my soul again and enabled me to deeply feel it again and embrace it.

Your joyful vibration touched mine and that allowed me to ascend again into the fairy dimension, with fairy dust to clean my shadows and illuminate myself and everyone around me and to happily fly into the adventure called life…. Thank you for the wonderful energy that you radiate! Embrace!

Sandi, shiatsu therapist

Wonderful! Beautiful! Thank you!
You are such a blessing in my life!

With the “diagnosis” you gave me the “cure” and instructions on how to correct it.

It’s great how sensitive you are in the sense that you have such a capability to feel yourself and others.

Thank you!


For many years I had many questions, I was looking for answers… I needed them. I heard about the soul reading. I had never done it and I decided that the time for that had come – to do the soul reading.

While I was on the Internet searching about soul reading I found Nikolina. In her picture she was radiating with some positive energy and I knew that was it, I wanted my soul reader to be Nikolina.

I wasn’t wrong.

It was an amazing experience. Nikolina helped me to clear out my current situation, she described me better than I would have described myself, and some click happened to me – yes, that is me!! This truth was inside of me, forgotten in the subconscious, and Nikolina confirmed my truth for me. Everything that she said to me sounded so familiar deep inside me and I realized that right now I feel the way I do because I have forgotten who I am in my core, I’ve forgotten how beautiful a person I actually am.

After the conversation I felt lighter; I felt inside of myself that everything was actually all right and that the most important thing is to listen to your inner voice, your soul, your intuition, to trust it, that everything is all right and it will be. I met Nikolina for a reason and she was just what I needed in that moment, and for that I am immensely grateful to her.

Now I know that everything in life happens for a reason and I know that soon I will be living my true purpose.

Thank you from my heart for reminding me of who I am. You are a wonderful person and I know that you will help many more souls!


Dear Nikolina

I have to write right now while I am still under impression of the soul reading. I am writing and crying… I am so deeply touched by the depth of truth… It means a lot to me to get a message from my mom, a lot…

You in this story are amazing, I felt that you have extraordinary abilities, but I have never seen you in that moment, in that light … you amazed me. This thing that you do affects one so much and it gives incredible beauty, lightness, finesse and simplicity… It is truly beautiful how you transmit messages in a simple way and touch the soul… I pray to the angels to send you a lot of people whose lives you will change….thank you a lot.


Thank you so much Nikolina❤🌺 reading was very beautiful! It resonated very deeply. Thank you for the confirmation and for sharing your own journey with me. It gave me much hope and awareness for my next steps ahead too! And have a very very blessed week!

YanLing, Singapore, meditation facilitator 

Our meeting – what does it look like?


A soul reading takes 60 – 75 minutes. In the first 30 minutes I am receiving information which you need at this point of life. In that first half an hour we are not in direct contact. In the other 30 – 45 minutes I am bringing you the information that I have received.

In our time together, when I get the information about you, it would be good that you are at home, alone, relaxed, at peace with yourself, that you’re focused on your heart, and that you are here and now in peace and not in contact with other people.

I work via Skype or Zoom.

I do not record the readings. 


When you purchase via pay pall you will be directed to my calendar where you have to fill out the questionnaire. This experience may be the only thing that you need right now in order for you to switch to a new way of living and to change your life to course of what you have always dreamed of. You know it in yourself – just listen, just feel and you will know. You know what it is that you need right now, and do it. If you have a strong intuition and your intuition is telling you – this is it, I need this soul reading right now – then don’t postpone, then do it. One thing that I am very, very happy for in my life is the fact that I have almost always listened and done what my intuition told me to do. Even though it was scary at so many times, in the end I figured that was an awesome thing 🙂 I wish you the same


The price is 111,00 Eur.



One session usually lasts for 30-45 minutes (with 30 minutes before session while I doing channeling).

When you reserve your spot, you’ll hear from me for the next step.

All sessions are conducted by Skype or Zoom.

All sessions must be paid in advance. In case of rescheduling, 48 hour notice is required.

Secured payment via PayPal. All sales are final. The investment is non-refundable.


About Nikolina

My name is Nikolina Balenovic and I feel called to help beautiful spirits to see how beautiful they are, to lighten up their life and their path. It is inspiring to me to be able to help others, to see the most beautiful in them and even more beautiful to me is when they see it in themselves. It is a joy to mirror their highest authentic truth about themselves.

I am a person who has interests in various areas. My life is a story of itself, which is long and very cyclical.

Even in childhood I was very attracted to the mystical, it was my passion: what will happen in the future, what this coincidence that happened meant; I was always very sensitive and still am. I constantly played with the cards and was looking for the meaning in the cards. Astrology interested me. My favorite movie when I was teenager was Teen witch and in high school I had a deep feeling inside me that in my life I would be doing something different and unusual.

I always knew for myself that I was different, and that my way was a little bit different from what I had been taught that life should be – graduate from a university and find some good job in your profession. So I did all that – I graduated and worked at a variety of different jobs; as a secretary, as a commercial officer and ultimately I worked in the bank, which was my big dream at that time, but interestingly enough it was the hardest and the most painful job for me. There I was depressed and unhappy. Then I realized that this type of work was not for me that my way was something completely different… What was happening in my life and how I felt is a long story. I could already write a few books about my autobiography, but that’s what life is – an adventure 🙂

Getting back to this story, in my life adventure I have learned about myself, about awareness, the energies, I have become aware of it on all levels and eventually I implemented a completely new way of living my life. When the time was right my strong attraction to Sonia Choquette (the author and spiritual teacher) happened. That was guided by my Higher Self and with her I have called up front one of my specific gifts. So, this particular gift of mine was that I can see people very deeply and I can hear spiritual guides and higher self, both mine and of other people when I want to. At first I thought it was strange because I had never met someone who had a similar gift as mine and for me it was normal, so I found it not such a big deal and so what. I had used that just for myself and for my friends, but after that conversation with Sonia I felt that this gift of mine was not just for me and it was not to be taken for granted. I have it because this is how I can be of service and help others. When I started doing soul readings, that was very spontaneous to me, it was as if I had been doing it forever.

When doing soul readings I feel that I am in my purpose and something very powerful is moving me then.

My mission in this is that I mirror your authentic, beautiful and divine soul, to help you to find inner peace. When you live your authentic truth, everything is so much easier, all is getting into the right place, the impossible becomes possible, and you trust yourself, which is the most important part. We all come here with gifts. To me it is so wonderful to see the soul in a reading in its fullest potential and it is a wonderful thought that the world would be an even more wonderful place if everyone was aware of their greatest truth and brave in doing what they are designed to do.

I would love for you to live your authentic truth, because that it’s pure happiness.

A friend Davor:

“Nikolina is a beautiful person, a free soul and a friend. She is always smiling, she is cheerful and happy. Loud and energetic! Gorgeous! At the same time very observant, with a look in her eyes that sees deep, right to the core! I always told her something big was hiding inside of her soul! And that is exactly why her reading is actually a game – a game between two souls who, in that short time, connect and share beautiful moments of togetherness. My session was perfectly easy. The information I received, Nikolina was conveying clearly and unambiguously. A beautiful experience which I will certainly repeat!

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Soul Reading:

How do you do a soul reading?

I do a soul reading with focusing on you and then I am open to hear guidance for you – who you are, what you need to do, what makes you happy… In this process I am channeling information from higher source, and the one who creates your life from then on is you.

Can you see the future in a soul reading?

It is possible to see the future in a soul reading with me, but my readings are more focused on your potential and your present situation and on information about what you can do right now to make the future filled with creations your heart wishes for. My goal is to stretch your awareness of your highest potential so that you can live your authentic truth as soon as possible.

How are you different from other soul readers?

Even though I am very deep and I go to the bottom of truth I am very cheerful and playful in approach with my clients. Also, I have gone through a lot of pain in my life – for 30 something years, so I understand pain, feeling unworthy, feeling unloved, feeling not good enough, self-blame, self-criticism very, very much and I understand those feeling from the bottom of my soul and with that experience I can understand those feeling in my clients.

From that perspective I can see what it is that can help a person have a happy life instead of continuing the down spiral. If I was able to create my life the way I wanted right now, I can assure you that you can do that as well. I know how, and this can be of huge benefit to you. Also in our time together you get a medical reading as well. It will give you the cause of your physical pain. And as mentioned before you will get suggestions on how to overcome your blocks.

Can soul reading be done more than one time?

The answer is yes, especially when you feel a need to do it again and you feel that it would be helpful to you. There is no limit how many times you can do it. Soul reading can help a lot in a situation where you feel that you need a deeper insight into your current situation. It can help with problems that are happening at the moment or with your relationship(s) that you do not understand.

Are you doing soul reading in person?

I do soul reading only on Skype or Viber. I used to do them in person as well, but then through experience I came to the conclusion that I am a better channel and that quality of my readings is better if I do them the other way – with Skype or phone.

Will soul reading help me in solving my problems and my dilemmas?

Most of my clients often say to me that particularly soul reading with me has helped them to see themselves better and that after a reading they felt very good about themselves. Some of my clients after a soul reading understood themselves better. Others say: „Thank you for bringing the blockage that was stopping me, out into the light! I wasn’t aware of it before, but now when I am aware of it, it doesn’t have that much power over me!“. Or they say: „Thank you for reminding me of my great gifts which I have neglect and now I will get them out into the light and use them!“. Those are some of the most usual beautiful feedbacks that I was given.

But the answer to this very important question is in you! If you feel invitation from within yourself, the voice that says „YES, I WANT THIS!”, then this is what you need!

Our meeting time


Are you ready for something new, and so good, warm, authentic, intuitive, yours, deeply honest, healing… something wonderful??

It is calling you… just do it.

I am looking forward to meeting you, to meeting the real, authentic you!!

With love,





Ps – yes, maybe it won’t be easy – to hear the truth and to take the road of true authenticity, but once the right “diagnosis” is set, the healing begins 🙂