Soul reading

In our time together you will get the vibration healing, support, empowerment to be who you truly are, and the following valuable insights:


  • what are you strengths – your gifts
  • what is your soul purpose now
  • what are your soul lessons at the moment and what is the best way for you to overcome them now
  • if you have any physical pain in your body – you will get channeled insights on what the emotional cause of that pain is. This can be extremely liberating.

Intuitive mentoring

This is the intensive intimate intuitive mentoring program 1:1 on self love – I call it LOVE YOUR LIFE – OWN YOUR VALUE.

I was somebody who didn’t love herself (I had self-criticism, blame, huge doubt in myself, worthiness issues (am I worthy? I am not good enough, my service is nothing special …) so of course I had problems in establishing my business (even though I knew and had done a lot in marketing)

In our time together we work on your acknowledgement, appreciation and love for who you are ♥. If you would love to own your value, to fall in love with yourself and to do your business with ease – this is for you.

A complete miracle can happen to you in just a few months!!!